And now for something completely different...

The perils of living with parents who have no idea who you are.

I’ve sold out…

Everyone knows how much I hate Mozart. He was the pop shit of his day, as almost everyone tried to compose like him. I’m entering a composition competition, and guess what? My composition sounds like Mozart. I’ve composed like this because a) It’s easy to write in a short time and b) the judges are looking for pretty and listenable. Man I’m a sell out.

365 words in.

I hate writing music essays so much that,

I’d rather write like 10 English essays instead. Seriously, the amount of research and analysis that goes into these bloody things. I’m not even 100 words in, I have a mass of score on my desk, 2 pages of hand written notes concerning the score, 7 tabs about the composer, and pretty soon I’ll need to crack out my National Library card to use the groves online music dictionary. :( 1400 words to go. 

Woah, I really feel like gummy worms now :D

Today I was in a brilliant mood.

I woke up late, I got work done on my artwork at school, I found my art exam to have good questions asking me stuff in the areas I’d looked over 20 mins before going in and I had a very relaxing afternoon walking with Rohan. But then my parents shat on it because Dad’s friend has been forced to move into a tent. Apparently this is my fault, as I’ve never met the guy.

I know it’s not my choice and none of my buisness but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

When you do that to yourself, it makes me sad, for I have seen it do many bad things to people. Even if it’s only just a little bit, if it’s enough to change your behaviour, its too much (imho).

Going to be making these soon :D

I’m not that sexy when I rollerblade…

… I’m sweaty, and smelly and red in the face, and just downright gross, so why do bogans continue to beep and holler at me ? It doesn’t make any sense, unless of course bogans have a thing for sweaty, smelly and red in the face. Actually that wouldn’t surprise me.

Also I have got to get out of the habit of giving them the finger. Dad drove passed and beeped me. I almost gave him the finger by accident. I’ll stick to silent swearing instead.

Tsk Tsk, how dare he ! ?

Self worth

Is hard to keep when you’ve literally been screamed at all day. Ah well, all I can do is shove the ipod in and know that what they’re saying isn’t true.